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the strange, the gothic, the dark, and the beautifully tragic


Paul D Coombs is an author of short stories, many of which are listed below. He has also recently finished his first novel which he hopes to soon release into the void. Paul lives in the sepulchral North-west of England and is an admirer of castles, a champion of the underdog, and a defender of the future. 


Paul can often be found or lost on Twitter. Be among the first to discover what's next by following him...

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Get news, updates & find out how Paul's stories are progressing and what's next for release.


Clowns on a Merry-go-round

WTF anthology (2023) :

Under the Bed anthology (2023) : 

The Common Loon 

Strange Blooms in the Sky

Cosmic Horror Monthly #33 (March 2023) :

Nymphs Literary Journal (Issue 1 2022) :

Easy Cure

Published works

Paul's Eyes

The Reach Literary Magazine (Summer 2022) :

Love Letters to Poe Volume II anthology (2022) :

The Last Exit for the Lost

Heart-shaped Car

In Parenthesis literary magazine: (Issue 3 Vol 5 Winter 2020) :

A Walk in Hyde Park

Rituals & Declarations zine (Issue 4 2020) :

Defenders of the Faith

Dark Lane Anthology 10 (2021) :

(Paul has both a story included and a non-fiction feature on The Forest by Laird Barron)

I am the Dust

The Dark Sire Literary Journal (Winter Issue March 2022) :

Lady Stardust

The Other Stories Podcast (2022) :

© Copyright 2022 Paul D Coombs

Image credit: @EdinDailyDoo (twitter)

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