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the strange, the gothic, the dark, and the beautifully tragic



Paul D Coombs is the author of several works of dark fiction usually mired in tragedy, and sometimes imbibed with a little hope. Many of these tales have been published in anthologies, magazines, zines and podcasts. His collection of short stories - 'For Strangers Only' is OUT NOW.

His debut novel - a dark, atmospheric and deeply absorbing psychological thriller is set to be published by the wonderful Northodox Press in 2024.

Paul lives on a rock, floating in space where he inhabits a small clutch of islands known as the United Kingdom. Born in Cardiff, Wales, he lives in the splendid and sepulchral North West of England and is an admirer of castles, a champion of the underdog, and an eternal fan of The Cure.


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"From the wicked mind of Paul D Coombs comes fifteen beautifully tragic tales that deftly weave through the realms of the Gothic, strange, and dark. Walk through darkness and desolation alongside an author that will take your hand and break your heart in the most splendid of ways. Coombs will have you peering into the depths of the human soul until you're swallowed whole and emerge on the other side with a richer perspective."


- Sara Crocoll Smith, award-winning editor of the Love Letters to Poe anthologies

"For Strangers Only by Paul D Coombs, a collection of multi-genre short stories where every reader finds something for themselves. The stories vary from horror and sci-fi, to dystopia, magical realism, and dark literary fiction. The author’s voice is descriptive and lyrical which gives the narration a dreamy, meditative, literary feel. Paul D Coombs writes about love, loss, life, death, but he also touches current topics like technologies, climate change, and the war in Ukraine... made me emotional, touching the very depth of my soul."

- Valeriya Salt, author of Aurora Island, and Dive Beyond Eternity


Paul is extremely excited to announce that he has signed with the incredible Northodox Press to publish his debut novel - a dark, atmospheric and deeply absorbing psychological thriller set to be published in 2024...

A dark psychological thriller, scraped and torn from the famous jutting headland: The Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales.

The land as alive as those that hide its secrets , insists it's time for them to confess to being killers, but someone won't let them, and the killing starts again, and it won't stop...

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