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the strange, the gothic, the dark, and the beautifully tragic



Clowns on a Merry-go-round

WTF anthology (2023) :

It Came From Under the Bed anthology (2023) : 

The Common Loon 

Strange Blooms in the Sky

Cosmic Horror Monthly #33 (March 2023) :

Nymphs Literary Journal (Issue 1 2022) :

Easy Cure

Published works

Paul's Eyes

The Reach Literary Magazine (Summer 2022) :

Love Letters to Poe Volume II anthology (2022) :

The Last Exit for the Lost

Defenders of the Faith

Dark Lane Anthology 10 (2021) :

I am the Dust

The Dark Sire Literary Journal (Winter Issue March 2022) :

Lady Stardust

The Other Stories Podcast (2022) :

Heart-shaped Car

In Parenthesis literary magazine: (Issue 3 Vol 5 Winter 2020) :

A Walk in Hyde Park

Rituals & Declarations zine (Issue 4 2020) :

(Paul has both a story included and a non-fiction feature on The Forest by Laird Barron)

© Copyright 2023 Paul D Coombs

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