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the strange, the gothic, the dark, and the beautifully tragic



Paul D Coombs is a writer of stories mired in either one or all of the strange, the gothic, the dark, and the beautifully tragic. He lives on a rock, floating in space where he inhabits a small clutch of islands known as the United Kingdom. Born in Cardiff, Wales, he now lives in the splendid and sepulchral North West of England.

Among many others, his writing is inspired by the likes of Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, and Thomas Ligotti.

Amid the excessive drive to produce and consume, Paul thinks that a central idea that underlies his work is people's need for untamed tales - a re-connection to the past, present, and future through the gothic, the strange and via psychological realism. Between the paralysis by analysis and binary belief systems, he believes that people are ever more desperate for escape, the internal human urge for stories soaked through with rich perspective, stories that tear open the soul, stories that reveal who we are, stronger than ever.

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